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The PS5 could be backwards compatible, according to a Sony Patent

Published: 3/Feb/2019 0:48 Updated: 3/Feb/2019 1:05

by Virginia Glaze


The upcoming PlayStation 5 could be backwards compatible, as suggested by a patent filed by Sony.

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The patent, listed under publication number 2019-503013, was filed nearly two years ago on January 20, and was finally published on January 31, 2019.

The patent itself describes a new method of operating software from older systems onto a newer device.

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CatawikiThe next iteration of the PlayStation console could be able to emulate the entire library in the systems’ history.

In essence, this new technology tricks older software by mimicking older platforms, allowing the legacy titles to be played on a new system – despite their architecture not matching up with that of next-gen consoles.

More specifically, the new method “spoofs” versions of processor IDs from older systems, as detailed by a diagram provided by the patent.


SonyA proposed flowchart for the patented system could hint at a major backwards compatibility win for fans of retro gaming.[ad name=”article3″]

Investors listed on the patent include such names as PlayStation 4 designer Mark Cerny and principal programmer Simon Pilgrim of Sony Entertainment Europe, among others.

While no particular hardware was listed on the patent, fans have speculated that it could mark a major step for the upcoming PlayStation 5 console, with some outlets even guessing that the PS5 will be able to emulate each of its previous iterations.

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SonyThe PlayStation 5 is projected to release in 2021, according to statements made by Sony Interactive CEO John Kodera.

The patent could likewise hint at a solution to the PS4’s notorious difficulty with emulating PS3 titles, due to the system’s Cell Processor. 

As nothing has been directly confirmed by Sony, theories remain up in the air – but many fans are excited about the possibility of having a single system on which to play their childhood gaming library.