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Terraria console commands explained: A simple controls guide

Published: 29/Sep/2021 17:35 Updated: 20/Oct/2021 18:59

by Nick Farrell


While at first glance the controls for Terraria appear rather simple, understanding all of the Terraria console commands can be a challenge. 

Originally released on PC, Terraria has premiered on multiple platforms such as most consoles and even on mobile devices, and one would think that PC players have access to vastly more features compared to those on consoles such as the Xbox, PlayStation and the Nintendo Switch.

That said, Terraria allows players to dive into the inner workings of the game, and toy with some of the console commands in order to elevate their world.

We’re going to run over Terraria’s console commands and what each one will let you do.



Players are able to build incredible structures in Terraria.

All Terraria console commands

Essentially, console commands are used to access certain features that are within the game’s coding. Think of them as cheats, in a way. Players will be able to perform functions as teleportation, and exciting the game with these codes, so they can be rather handy.

These controls are only available on PC, and there are quite a few to run over. Thankfully, we have got all of them listed down below along with what function they perform.

Command Action
help Prompts the command list to pop up
playing Shows who is currently on the server
clear Clears console
exit Closes the sever
exit-nosave Closes the server, but doesn’t save progress made since last save
save Saves world
kick Kicks a certain player from the server
ban Bans a certain player from the server
password Shows password for the server/changes password
version Shows version number
time Shows current time
port Shows port
maxplayers Shows max players allowed in the server
say Declares a message to all players in the server
motd Displays the message of the day
dawn Time will be set to 4:30 am
noon Time will be set to 12:00 pm
dusk Time will be set to 7:30 pm
settle Calms all water in world
midnight Time will be set to 12:00 am

How to bring up Terraria’s console commands

If you’re looking to use these Terraria console commands, you’re going to want to bring up the in-game console in order to enter these lines of text.


This can be done via the following steps:

  1. Set up a server for you to host
  2. Once the server is active, hit the backtick key ` to bring up the console
  3. Enter the Terraria commands you want to input

Now that you’re up to speed with all Terraria console commands, you’re ready to dive into some more content surrounding Terraria with the following guides.

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