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Summit1g teases big GTA RP character change on NoPixel server

Published: 5/Mar/2021 13:09

by Connor Bennett


Twitch star Jaryd ‘Summit1G’ Lazar has further teased a character change in GTA RP, once again expressing his desire to join NoPixel’s police force in the future. 

With GTA RP returning to popularity on Twitch, it was only going to be so long before Summit1G made his return as well. His Charles Johnson character is well-liked by many members of the servers, as well as his fans.

The streamer can typically be found showing off his driving skills by winning races, but he’s down for some crime too. You’ll typically find him as the getaway driver for the Chang Gang – one of NoPixel’s most prolific criminal groups.


However, he isn’t always about crime. Summit has previously expressed his desire to live a life on the straight and narrow path by becoming a police officer, and it doesn’t seem like he’s giving up on it just yet.

Summit1g, Twitch
Twitch: Summit1G
Summit’s Charles Johnson character is one of NoPixel’s best personas.

Summit1g teases GTA RP cop character again

During his February 3 stream, the former Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player explained that he’s looking at making GTA RP his “main” game for the foreseeable future because there aren’t too many big releases coming down the pipeline.

As a result, he’ll probably switch up characters as many NoPixel members do. “Once I get Charles on his feet enough and get him to point where I think he’s caught up with people on the server, and we’re in line for some cool cars, and we get his future set up, I don’t mind popping in some John Charleston on some academy runs dude,” Summit said.


“I think it could be a really really great time, especially since I plan on main’ing GTA for a little bit. It’s definitely a possibility and I’ll start to take it more seriously as Charles makes his money.”

Becoming a cop in GTA RP is a pretty big step. You are akin to being an admin or moderator, and it is quite a hefty undertaking.

Though, it is something Summit fans would want to see. He’d be deadly in car chases, and it opens up a whole new line of roleplaying opportunities.