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Starfield release date: leaks, platforms, more

Published: 22/Feb/2021 1:00 Updated: 11/Mar/2021 13:28

by David Purcell


Bethesda has revealed Starfield as their newest project, the first new role-playing game they will have developed in over 25 years, and here’s everything we know about it so far.

While many fans are eagerly waiting around for Bethesda to finally reveal The Elder Scrolls 6, the developer – best known for its RPG creations – is working on something very different.

Starfield is a rather mysterious project for the general public, but internal discussions surrounding its concept have reportedly been taking place for up to 10 years. There might not be dragons, there might not be swords, but there seems to be a lot to look forward to.


BethesdaStarfield’s in-game landscape will be very different to The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

Starfield release date 

While the concept of Bethesda making the move into space will be very enticing for some gamers, Bethesda’s Peter Hines has confirmed that it will be released on the next generation of consoles – as reported by The Telegraph.

“We want to make it very clear to folks that this isn’t what all Bethesda Game Studios look like now,” he told the newspaper, when asked about their new projects being named next-gen games. “The next game we are making is Starfield. It is a new IP, it’s a single-player role-playing game that folks understand. And then we’re going to make Elder Scrolls VI.


“They understand the context that this is something different but we want to try it,” he added.

Starfield has already been produced in a “playable” form, Bethesda director Todd Howard told Gameslice in June 2018, as reported by PC Gamer. He compared the progress of the project and Elder Scrolls 6, which was in pre-production at that stage – with Howard even suggesting that the new IP was their priority. 

Starfield screenshotStarfield is one of the most anticipated next-gen titles.

While Bethesda is yet to comment on a potential release window, let alone an exact release date, leaks have caught a great deal of attention in recent months.

In a recent Tweet posted by industry insider Tom Henderson, he shared an image that included Starfield alongside three other titles, with the caption “4 games that I think we should see in 2022.” 


With a majority of the development team having switched to working from home, there’s no indication of how big an impact that might have on Starfield’s release date. However, insiders have alleged that “2021 was the intended goal for release as of a few months ago.”

Obviously, we’ll need to take this information with a grain of salt for now. Though if development has been underway for a number of years already, there’s every chance this supposed leak holds true.

Starfield Trailers

While the game description clearly distinguishes Starfield from the world of The Elder Scrolls, there is certainly similarities in both games’ promotional material.


Here we have the first trailer from the game, which – like many of Bethesda’s in the past – doesn’t give a whole lot away and is really only designed to build hype. As time goes on, we’ll see more fully-fledged teases, reveals, and deep dives, but for now, this is all we have to go on.

Starfield Announcement Teaser

What do we know about Starfield? 

This is a project that’s around 10 years in the making, Todd Howard told The Guardian. “We’ve been talking about it for a decade, we started putting things on paper five, six years ago, and active development was from when we finished Fallout 4, so two and a half, three years,” he said.


In terms of the way the game will play, Howard also revealed that this new role-playing game will have a similar “DNA” to other Bethesda titles, but stressed that there will be clear differences that will set it apart – as reported by Eurogamer.

He explained that there would be “a lot of new systems” in the game that had not been explored in their other games, so fans have a lot of new stuff to look forward to. Not to mention, it’s in space. A very different setting to any of Bethesda’s other games.

The game has also used SpaceX and Elon Musk for real authenticity, with Howard explaining during E3 that he wants space travel to feel flying in the 1940s – in the sense of being dangerous and but also capturing the desire to explore further throughout the story.

Todd Howard speaks about Starfield

On November 2nd, 2020, Todd Howard was featured in an interview detailing his own story, entitled “Going Nuclear: The Story of Todd Howard & Bethesda” in which he touches on fantastic information regarding Starfield and the Bethesda Game Studios’ engine: the Creation Engine.

Reddit user KATheHuman details all of the information fans of the upcoming roleplaying game would be interested that Howard speaks of during his hour-long interview.

From a focus on procedural generation (noted in the Reddit post that this does not mean each player’s world is randomly generated) in a way to create vast landscapes. The Creation Engine is also set to receive a huge upgrade. It’s one that hasn’t been seen since the jump between Morrowind and Oblivion.

Unfortunately, Howard does state that Starfield is likely a ways off, and that the release date can be subject to delays. A commenter on the previously mentioned Reddit post, however, fags343 noted and linked to an article from Rock Paper Shotgun back in 2014 that this was also the stance Howard took in regards to Fallout 4’s release.

As well as this, it was indicated that NPCs will be much more integral to the stories. The previous small-sized cities and settlements of previous games will be a thing of the past, featuring expansive locations. For fans who are members of Xbox’s Game Pass, the upcoming game and TES:VI will also be available on there to you from Day One of release.

This is thanks to a $7.5 billion deal between Bethesda and Xbox, which was previously announced back in September 2020. The parent company ZeniMax was acquired, including all of the company’s publishing offices and studios across the globe.

Starfield leaks

Supposed Starfield leaked image shows an astronaunt looking at space ship
One of the images leaked showcases an astronaut.

A leaked album folder arose on image sharing site Imgur. In it, two images were shared that showcased what could very well be Starfield.

The first image shows an astronaut standing, looking towards what appears to be a building on some sort of metal supports with a logo that seems to read, “AB” on the side.

A side-on photo of a large space shuttle or ship of some kind on a plain, black background
This image showcases a fantastically detailed spaceship or shuttle from what appears to be Starfield.

The last image shown on the photo-hosting site shows a ship with tanks, a platform of some kind, and lots of fantastic detailing. These images are inline with Todd Howard’s recent interview with YouTube channel Develop:Brighton Conference, which in itself is a place where developers “come together to learn from one another and share experiences.”

Is Starfield exclusive to Xbox Series X and Series S?

After Bethesda and its parent company, ZeniMax was acquired by Microsoft in September 2020, many people have been asking if the game will be coming to PlayStation 5.

Unfortunately, we don’t know for sure. In a recent Bloomberg interview, Phil Spencer, the head of Xbox, said that while the company would honor the contracts already in place for games like Deathloop and GhostWire Tokyo.

This means that there’s a possibility, but not a guarantee, that Starfield will be an Xbox exclusive. Ironically enough, former Game Informer Editor Imran Khan revealed on Twitter that Sony was at one point in negotiations with Bethesda to make Starfield a timed-exclusive on PS5.

Obviously, those talks fell through and it remains to be seen what happens to the game now.

So, there you have it. That’s everything we’ve heard and seen from Starfield so far. We’ll continue to update this story with any more official information and leaked details in the future.

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