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Everything we know about Skate 4: release date, platforms, leaks, trailers, more

Published: 27/Aug/2021 5:30 Updated: 27/Aug/2021 6:12

by Nick Farrell


Gamers worldwide didn’t think EA was going to develop a brand new Skate game. But, now since the game’s original announcement, we are learning more about Skate 4 day by day! 

Skate 3 was, once upon a time, one of the greatest games to play on the Xbox 360 and PS3, EA’s last iteration of a skateboarding game is an instant classic and is beloved all around the world.

With the last Skate title releasing back in 2010, it felt almost like an ambitious dream that we would ever see another Skate game released.

But, back in 2020 we finally heard news regarding the announcement of a brand-new Skate game being in development, and now we’re patiently awaiting the release date of Skate 4.


Skate 4 release date

Skate gameplay
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Skate 4 is currently in early development with no release date locked in.

There is currently no release date locked in for the next title in the Skate franchise.

Although Skate 4 is a real thing that’s happening, very little is known about the upcoming release. Outside of the announcement itself and a few brief teasers, EA has kept mostly everything under wraps for now.

With 2021 winding down, it’s likely we won’t hear about Skate for quite some time. After all, developers confirmed the sequel is still in early development. This means late 2022 or 2023 are safe bets for a potential release.

We’ll keep you updated here as EA confirms the launch window for Skate 4.


Skate 4 trailers

With Skate 4 still in early development, we’re yet to see any proper gameplay. Though the devs have provided a few separate teasers over the past few months.

First came the announcement itself during EA Play in 2021. This quick video revealed little more than the fact a new Skate title is in the works.

A year of silence followed before we get our next update on Skate. Another quick teaser was revealed in July 2021, assuring the community that devs are hard at work bringing Skate 4 to life.

Skate 4 platforms

We’re yet to receive official confirmation as to which platforms Skate 4 will be available on – outside of one in particular.


EA confirmed that the upcoming Skate title will be launching on PC, a first for the franchise. Otherwise, details are scarce.

Given no release date is locked in, however, there’s every chance Skate 4 comes to new-gen hardware. So expect to see the next Skate title on PlayStation 5 along with Xbox Series X | S at a minimum. Previous gen may still be supported though we’ll have to wait and see.

Skate 4 news & leaks


The original announcement video for the next Skate title revealed EA’s new development studio known as “Full Circle.” This team of veteran devs and skating enthusiasts will be building the future Skate experience from the ground up.


It’s still early days yet but with each passing month, we seem to get a little more intel on the next Skate game. We’ll be sure to keep you up to speed right here with all the latest.