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Fall Guys

Sergio Aguero shows the epic highs and tragic lows of Fall Guys

Published: 10/Aug/2020 20:09 Updated: 17/Aug/2020 11:07

by Alan Bernal


Manchester City star forward Sergio Agüero joined in the Fall Guys craze in his latest Twitch stream, showing the full spectrum of emotions that comes with racing jelly beans through a wacky obstacle course.

Devolver Digital and Mediatonic’s Fall Guys has enthralled millions of players since the August 4 launch of the strange battle royale. The gaming community has fallen in love with the bright colors of the arenas and adorably clumsy gameplay that factor into the overall appeal.

One of those gamers is MC’s prolific No. 10, Agüero. And just like all players jumping into the title for the first time, it was equal parts terrible and hilarious.


The early rounds in his Twitch broadcast showed him getting acclimated with the purposefully awkward movement of the jelly-beans. But the striker was mystified at some of the mini-games including See Saw, Hoarders, and Fruit Chute.

This is absolutely routine for anyone experiencing the games for the first time, but it’s chaotic nature, at times, confounded the all-time record MC goal-scorer.

After the first round of Gate Crash, he was frantic after thinking he had barely missed the cut since he was in a large scrum near the finish line. Even though the large notification of ‘Te has Clasificado’ (Qualified) flashed on his screen, it wasn’t until he noticed his character could move in the next mini-game that it finally hit him.


Some of his biggest reactions came after being the last contestant to qualify after a hazardous run in The Whirlygig almost saw him bow out early multiple times.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a proper broadcast appearance for Agüero if it didn’t include a game-winning goal in some capacity.

He got that chance in Fall Ball, a Fall Guys interpretation of the beautiful game, in which he broke the 1-1 overtime draw with a sizzling header from an off-the-wall cross at the top of the box that deflected over a defender and into the net.

Though his streams are few and far between, Sergio’s Twitch chat was loving the antics that came out of his dive into Fall Guys and, by the looks of it, so did the Manchester player.