Rockstar let a terminally ill gamer play Red Dead Redemption 2 early – Dexerto

Rockstar let a terminally ill gamer play Red Dead Redemption 2 early

Published: 9/Oct/2018 16:18 Updated: 30/Oct/2018 12:50

by Matt Porter


Red Dead Redemption 2 developers, Rockstar Games, have allowed a terminally ill fan to play the game before its official release.

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The story was first reported by Dutch website ‘Gamersnet’, when a fan of the site named Jurian approached them on Facebook to share his story.

Jurian has unfortunately been diagnosed with Neurofibromatosis Type 2, a genetic condition that causes tumours to grow along your nerves.

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In the message, Jurian explains that his father Harm reached out to Rockstar Netherlands in the hope that they would be able to provide Jurian with an early copy of the game, due to his situation.

Unfortunately, Rockstar Netherlands were unable to provide Jurian with a copy of the game, but instead made contact with Rockstar’s head office in an attempt to create something magical for him.

“At the end of the week, two employees of Rockstar Netherlands came to my house and gave me a private demonstration of the game,” wrote Jurian. “After an afternoon of playing, they unfortunately took the game again.”

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Jurian says he shared his story because he “recently read an article about a similar case with Nintendo” and wanted to let people know that “Rockstar had also done something beautiful.”

While Rockstar were unable to give Jurian an early copy of the game, the developer’s decision to go the extra mile and provide an unforgettable experience highlights the incredible relationships fans and developers can share.