Pokimane opens up on Valorant ranked issues: “People get weird about me being a girl” - Dexerto

Pokimane opens up on Valorant ranked issues: “People get weird about me being a girl”

Published: 28/Aug/2021 21:30

by Lawrence Scotti


Twitch star streamer Pokimane opened up on Twitter about her struggles climbing ranked Valorant, saying it’s hard being a girl using voice communication.

Valorant is a game that requires its players to coordinate with each other using voice comms. Players who speak to their teammates in solo-queue typically have an easier time playing as a team than those who play muted and use only pings to communicate information.

Pokimane used her secondary Twitter account to lament on the issues of being a girl and a famous streamer attempting to climb in ranked mode.

Pokimane is one of Twitch’s most popular broadcasters, sitting at seventh place on the streaming site with over 8 million followers.

Pokimane on climbing ranked Valorant

On her alternate Twitter account under her real name Imane, Pokimane tweeted about how her brother reached Immortal rank in Valorant, and how it’s inspired her to grind the game to reach that level.


She talked about the struggles of using voice-comms in-game being a girl who happens to be one of the biggest streamers on Twitch, saying, “i find my biggest issue is i don’t like to talk too much in game (ppl get weird about me being a girl / being poki), and that doesn’t work with being a sova main. and i don’t have a dependable duo to comm on my behalf.”

Voice comms are quite necessary at that high level of play, and those who don’t use the feature are going to be at a disadvantage. Being Pokimane while trying to climb also seems difficult as players are going to be more mesmerized by being on her team rather than working together to win a match.


She also mentioned that being a Sova main makes this more of a problem as Sova players need to communicate quite often.

Poki says she is going to learn more solo-queue agents, as well as find a solid partner to duo with.