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Overwatch fans somehow create functional McLaren Senna supercar in-game

Published: 14/Feb/2021 0:57

by Theo Salaun


While the world waits for Overwatch 2, the game’s fans have gone to new lengths with the Workshop Mode’s functionality to do things like… create a functional McLaren Senna supercar to drive around King’s Row.

A British automotive manufacturer, a Brazilian racing driver and an American gaming company all join globalized forces in the latest fanmade Overwatch creation: an in-game car modeled precisely after the McLaren Senna.  

As part of an ongoing project, “Streetwatch,” Peter (also known as ‘GraczCourier’ on Twitter) created a version of the speedy, sleek vehicle using Overwatch’s continually evolving Workshop Mode offerings. This comes less than a month after he brought a Lamborgini Aventador to the game.


Noting inspiration from Forza, GraczCourier debuted the new PTR creation on YouTube and announced that fellow fans can go ahead and hop behind the wheel on the test servers before it’s launched on the live client.

mclaren senna
Fine, the McLaren Senna looks a little prettier in real life than in Overwatch.

Unveiled in 2017, the McLaren Senna is a sports car named after one of the British company’s greatest drivers ever, Brazilian World Champion Ayrton Senna.

According to McLaren’s website, the Senna “is the personification of McLaren’s DNA at its most extreme, creating the purest connection between car and driver.” Built entirely around speed, the car is McLaren’s lightest racer ever and, fittingly, possesses their “most powerful road car engine.”


While it remains unknown just how fast and road-ready the car will be in Overwatch, it somehow appears to drive around pretty quickly. And that might be a little surprising, considering the creation is composed entirely of rudimentary shapes and lights available in the Workshop mode.

Noting that this is part of the Streetwatch project, it appears that Gracz, possibly with collaborators, intends on bringing other cars to the Overwatch world. The game already contains some vehicles, including the renowned payload on Hollywood and the deadly traffic on Oasis.

An exact purpose of bringing a McLaren Senna to King’s Row remains unknown, but fellow fans have appeared delighted to see just how innovative creators can be with the Workshop offerings.


With Dota 2’s origins coming from fanmade mods for Warcraft 3, it’s obvious that there is a precedent for success when players have the ability to play around with a Blizzard IP. As everyone awaits Overwatch’s sequel, it’s encouraging that fans are still getting creative with the current game.