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New Smash Ultimate DLC soon? Leakers hint at August 28 Nintendo Direct

Published: 18/Aug/2020 17:54

by Michael Gwilliam


It has been months since we’ve had a Nintendo Direct and fans are growing restless. Now, some prominent leakers with a history of accurate claims are suggesting that August 28 will be the date of the next General Direct, where we may even get a Smash Ultimate DLC reveal.

Leakers ‘King Zell’ and ‘NateDrake’ are prominent figures on the Resetera forums and have often left clues about when they believe Nintendo-related events will transpire.

Back in July, Zell implied that a General Direct would be coming at some point in August and now he’s appearing to double down on those claims, even right down to the actual date.


In a seemingly random comment on a Nintendo Direct speculation thread, Zell remarked, “remember all, the new captain Tsubasa game is coming on the 28th, in general, its an arcade soccer\football game, don’t miss it.”

King Zell hints at a Nintendo Direct
What is so special about the number 28?

This comment alone may not seem like much, but he also attached an image with numbers circled which could add up to 28. Additionally, his use of the word “general” resulted in many to assume he was referencing a General Direct.

“Damn, Barca just lost 2-8, that’s a disaster,” he further wrote, once again, completely out of context. However, the 2 and the 8 could very well further imply something is coming on the 28th.


Finally, NateDrake commented: “20, 8, 16, 35, 15, 7,” leading to a forum member to joke that they would be using those numbers in a lottery ticket.

NateDrake hints at a Nintendo Direct on Aug 28
NakeDrake hinted at something happening on August 28.

“If you win then I get 28%,” he replied, once again bringing the conversation back to the number 28, the possible date of a Nintendo Direct.

While of course, it’s possible we don’t get a Direct on the 28, it’s being heavily implied. Plus, there have been many rumors about Nintendo doing something special for Mario’s 35th anniversary with some new games and/or remakes.

If there is a Nintendo Direct, it’s also very likely we learn more about who the next Smash Ultimate DLC fighter is. There have been many rumors about their identity, with some suspecting it could be a Pokemon, Dante from Devil May Cry, or even Crash Bandicoot.

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Smash Ultimate's Challenger Pack 7 logo
Challenger Pack 7 could be anyone.

With five fighters remaining, everyone is on edge to find out who it will be and what franchise they will be from.

Only time will tell until we know for sure when the Direct is and who the next character in Fighters Pass Volume 2 turns out to be.