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How to redeem Dead by Deadlight codes – September 2021 codes

Published: 29/Sep/2021 1:00

by Alan Bernal


Dead by Deadlight codes can work to redeem everything from free Bloodpoints to cosmetics and charms. Here’s how to redeem Dead By Deadlight codes for September 2021.

The developers at Behaviour Interactive occasionally drop chances for redeemable items for Dead By Deadlight players to collect and claim. These could include everything from Bloodpoints to upgrade your characters to items for customizing your experience.

The Dead By Deadlight devs have given away millions of Bloodpoints to this point, but only if players redeem them in time.

Dead By Deadlight codes – free Bloodpoints, more

dead by deadlight codes redeem
Behaviour Interactive
There’s plenty of free Bloodpoints to claim if you’re keeping up with Dead by Deadlight’s latest codes.

There’s a bunch of Dead By Deadlight codes out there already for free Bloodpoints, but not all of them are active.


Throughout DBD’s 5-year life, there’ve been plenty of redeemable ones that have since expired. But that’s okay, since Behaviour Interactive have a habit of releasing a few every once in a while.

If there’s ever a new active code, we’ll update the list below and transfer them over to the expired section to keep the complete picture.

Active Dead By Deadlight codes – September 2021

Code Reward
NICE 69 Bloodpoints
PRIDE Pride Сharm (never expires)

Expired Dead By Deadlight codes

Code Reward
BOOP Meg’s Pig Mask
GOLDENBROS Wraith and David Cosmetic Pieces
AUSOME Wraith and David Cosmetic Pieces
PIECEOFCAKE Teddy Bear and Year 5 Cake Charms
BETTERTHANONE Wraith and David Cosmetic Pieces
RANKROULETTE 250,000 Bloodpoints
AD800947-01A7-4DEF-81AD-40DDC501DE50 250K Bloodpoints + 1,000 Shards
KODOMONOHI2021 60,000 Bloodpoints
MIDORINOHI2021 50,000 Bloodpoints
KENPOUKINENBI2021 40,000 Bloodpoints
DJC2021 100,000 Bloodpoints
TWITTERLORGE 100,000 Bloodpoints
BILIBILI200K 200,000 Bloodpoints
TWITTERSMOL 1 Bloodpoint
LUCKYCHARM Lunar New Year charm
LUNARNEWGEAR Lunar New Year cosmetic for The Spirit
BULLSHIRT Lunar New Year cosmetic for Adam Francis
ZARINOX Lunar New Year cosmetic for Zarina
DISCORD200K 200,000 Bloodpoints
FROSTYBLIGHT The Blight’s Frosty Eyes
METATRON Cheryl’s Sweater of Metatron
FROSTYTWINS The Twins’ Frosty Eyes
PATHFINDER Elodie’s Pathfinder’s Sweater
FROSTYDEATH The Deathslinger’s Frosty Eyes
HOLIDAYFORMAL Felix’s Holiday Formal Sweater
NICESTOCKING Survivor’s Stocking Charm
SNAPSNAP Zarina’s Snap Snap Sweater
NAUGHTYSTOCKING Killer’s Stocking Charm
TWITCHORTREAT Trap-o-Lantern charm
ETERNALBLIGHT Blighted Jack charm
SWEETDREAMS Perk Treats charm
ENTITYPLEASED 150,000 Bloodpoints
DISCORD150K 150,000 Bloodpoints
VK100K 100,000 Bloodpoints
HAPPY1001 100,100 Bloodpoints
DBDDAYJP2020 202,000 Bloodpoints
GIFTTHERIFT 20 free Rift Fragments
OVER5000 5,001 Bloodpoints
ONLY5000 5,000 Bloodpoints
FUKUHAUCHI 100,000 Bloodpoints
HAPPYGOLDENWEEK2021 30,000 Bloodpoints

How to redeem Dead by Deadlight codes

dead by deadlight codes redeem
Behaviour Interactive
Redeem codes in Dead by Deadlight’s portal in their shop.

The process couldn’t be easier to redeem DbD codes to claim free charms and the like. Simply navigate to the store where you can find and access the Redeem Code prompt.


There you simply input any active code you see above to claim your free Dead by Deadlight cosmetics or Bloodpoints.

For people that keep up on the DbD codes, there’s plenty of free content and in-game currency to claim so check back every once in a while for new opportunities.