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How to heal in Naraka Bladepoint

Published: 6/Sep/2021 18:44 Updated: 6/Sep/2021 18:56

by Nick Farrell


Naraka Bladepoint is one of the fresh releases in the battle royale genre and with notes similar to Ghosts of Tsushima, players are diving into the game more and more every day. But, one of the core aspects of the title may be tricky to understand at first glance, and this comes to healing your player. 

The battle royal sector of gaming is one that has quickly evolved over the years, catapulting off of the success of other titles such as Fortnite, Apex Legends, and Warzone, Naraka Bladepoint is one that looks to spice the genre up a bit further.


With a key emphasis on swordplay and movement, the game bolsters many traditional aspects from feudal Japan and there’s a lot of content for players to check out.

But, if you are jumping into the world of Narka Bladepoint, it’s best to get a grip with some of the controls within the game, and we’re going to run over how to heal!

bladepoint grapple
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Bladepoint’s grapple hook is one of the many ways you can gain an advantage over your enemies.

How to heal in Naraka Bladepoint

Similar to other battle royales, there’s consumable items within the game that’ll allow your player to recover their health if they are endanger during combat.

These consumable items will heal your player accordingly, depending on how much health they’ll allocate to your player. So, below is a quick guide to all of the healing options we’ve encountered through Naraka Bladepoint.


  • Prickly Pear
    • Gradual health recovering over a minute
  • Salak
    • Gradual armor recovering over a minute
Naraka Bladepoint
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There’s a lot of weapons for players to experiment with while playing.

If you’re looking to heal within Bladepoint, you can simply bind the key to use your consumable items to whatever control you are most comfortable with.

Some of the tips that will get you out of dodge if you do need to heal, is taking advantage of your grappling hook within the game. This will allow you to maneuver around certain materials within the game, so that you have an opportunity to heal and jump back into the fight.