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How to farm Epic gear quickly in Outriders

Published: 2/Apr/2021 13:19 Updated: 12/Apr/2021 16:45

by Ava Thompson-Powell


Square Enix’s Outriders is now available to play, following a well-received, generous demo. If you’re looking to equip yourself with some Epic gear to make sure you’re able to withstand even the toughest enemies – we’ve got you covered.

Developers People Can Fly dropped Outriders on April Fool’s day, 2021, with the game taking the RPG genre into space with its third-person shooter mechanics.

Fighting for your life on the planet of Enoch from its inhabitants and the people that sent you there, loot is undoubtedly a central part of the gameplay loop in Outriders. Obtaining some high-tier gear in the game as you make your way to max level and World Tier 15, however, is relatively easy to do.

How to farm Epic gear, armor and weapons

Outriders Loot Weapons Armor
Square Enix
You’ll need to equip yourself with the best to stand a chance at survival on Enoch.

In Outriders, Epic gear is the second-highest maximum tier for loot that you’ll come across on your journey.

Keep in mind that selecting a higher World Tier for each story point below will further increase your chances of getting that Epic-tier (or higher!) loot.

Forest Enclave

YouTuber Osterberg501 shared a method that will drop you some good loot, and all you need to do is:

  • Complete the story up until the Forest Enclave, or choose the chapter from the main menu if you’re further in the game.
  • Select the first story point in this chapter called ‘take down the Chrysaloid.’
  • Upon loading into the game, interact with the glowing rock face in front of you to enter the lair.
  • Take down the Chrysaloid to receive your Epic-tier loot.
  • Rinse and repeat the process.

It’s worth noting that because of how far away the boss is to you, you’ll want to make sure you’re equipped with mods that have damage multipliers to make sure that you’re hitting the Chrysaloid with as much firepower as possible to breeze through the fight.

Outriders Chrysaloid Epic Loot
YouTube: FR0M The V01D
Repeat this process to secure yourself some must-have pieces.

Rift Town

Much more well known in the Outriders community, particularly because of the demo, is the location in Rift Town. YouTubers xLunarGaming and DPJ shared the locations for each chest on their channels.

This story point is right after the prologue, and so, for new players, this is one to take full advantage of.

Outriders Rift Town Epic Gear
YouTube: DPJ
This is the place new players should utilize to stock up on some high-tier loot.

In this area, there are actually 5 chests that players can loot, but it’s much more efficient to instead focus on the first three:

Chest One

  • Load into the ‘Confront the Altered at the Tower’ story point.
  • Head through the doors in front of you as you load in.
  • Continue straight ahead and go up the set of stairs that are lit up.
  • Immediately turn right and head up a small set of metal stairs, and keep going. There you’ll see a chest next to a wall.

Chest Two

Outriders Rift Town Epic Gear Chest
YouTube: xLunarGaming
The second chest is up on top of a hill.
  • Turn back, and head back down the lighted stairs you first came through and go back through the door.
  • Head out onto the muddy grass and up the hill towards a destroyed chainlink fence. There you’ll find the second chest.

Chest Three

  • Turn around, and head back down the hill towards the red scaffold that’ll be in front of you.
  • Head down the slope next to a makeshift barbed wire fence, and navigate through the abandoned battlefield, moving around the rock face.
  • You’ll see a body of water to your right – run through it until you see the glowing chest at the water’s edge.

While these guides will get you on your way in Outriders to finding Epic gear, there’s plenty more you need to know. Check out our guide on the best Legendary weapons, how to mod gear, and how to fix the ‘no HUD’ bug to make your life on Enoch much easier.