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How to counter in Naraka Bladepoint

Published: 6/Sep/2021 20:55

by Nick Farrell


Combat is a key focus within any battle royale and Naraka Bladepoint players will be looking to gain every advantage over one another – which is why countering opponents’ attacks is going to be helpful.

While many of you may feel like BRs are a bit burnt out with titles such as Warzone and Apex Legends, 24 Entertainment’s recently released Naraka Bladepoint looks to put a bit of fresh paint on the genre.

The game features plenty of weapons for players to check out, with a lot of emphasis on feudal Japan, there’s some amazing combinations players can use.

But, during a battle with an enemy, you’re going to want to use certain mechanics such as countering to get the upper hand on your opposition.


Naraka-Bladepoint characters
24 Entertainment
There’s a wide array of characters players can use within Naraka Bladepoint.

How to counter in Naraka Bladepoint

Players will be able to use long-ranged and close-ranged weapons within the game, and there’s an ample amount of choices you can make in regards to the character and playstyle you’re going to want to pursue .

When engaging in combat with another player, if you both swing your weapons at the same time, this will automatically trigger a counter between both players and you’ll have to reset your attacking animation.

However, there’s another way you’ll be able to counter within Naraka Bladepoint, and this can be done by hitting Mouse 1 and Mouse 2 at the same time.


These buttons are used for both horizontal and vertical attacks, and hitting them at the same time while your enemy is attacking will trigger a parry.

Naraka Bladepoint controls
24 Entertainment
Parrying will make your opponent fall to the ground.

When you manage to pull off one of these parry’s it becomes the perfect opportunity to strike, as they’ll be forced onto the ground, due to the blowback from your parry.

This is just one of the many ways you gain the advantage over other players, combining this with your grappling hook to swing over enemies will be key within Naraka Bladepoint.