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GTA Online player pulls off insane aerial stunt with Oppressor MK1

Published: 14/Mar/2021 15:43 Updated: 14/Mar/2021 15:46

by Julian Young


In another impressive feat of creativity (with a bit of luck mixed in), one GTA Online player was able to pull off an insane aerial maneuver using the fan-favorite Oppressor MK1 sports bike.

GTA Online provides players with an open-world sandbox unlike almost any other. While finding and using some of the game’s most powerful weapons is a huge draw for many players, others like to dedicate their time to obtaining the game’s coolest and craziest vehicles.

Out of the more than 600 unique vehicles in Rockstar’s game — ranging from cars to heavy-duty industrial vehicles to fighter jets — one choice that remains a fan-favorite is the Oppressor line of sports bikes, which are known for their ability to troll other players, but more importantly perform insane aerial tricks.


While a typical bike may not seem that appealing, Oppressors have a built-in rocket booster that can lead to some insane in-game antics, and one dedicated player was able to fly from the famous Vinewood sign all the way to Maze Bank Tower using just an Oppressor MK1 (and a bit of luck).

GTA Online Oppressor Mk 1 Stunts
Rockstar Games
The Oppressor sports bike has become infamous in GTA Online for its potential to pull off crazy stunts.

In a post on Reddit, the player shared that they “finally managed to go from the Vinewood sign to the Maze Bank Tower without touching down once,” and provided the appropriate video evidence to prove it.

In the clip, the player can be seen launching themselves off the Vinewood sign’s hill. They then used the Oppressor’s rocket boost to keep flying through the air until reaching the helipad on top of Maze Tower, where they finally came to a stop.


Finally managed to go from the Vinewood sign to The Maze Bank Tower without touching down once 🙂 from gtaonline

While this is far from the first display of crazy stunts involving an Oppressor, it’s certainly another impressive example of what players can do when they combine GTA’s unique vehicles, wonky physics, and some time and effort.

The community also seemed impressed by the latest Oppressor-fueled stunt. One user shared that they “once flew with the MK1 from Mount Chiliad to the Maze Bank Tower,” and another remarked, “I gotta pull out the ‘ol MK1 Oppressor and try this!”

This is definitely not the last stunt fans will pull off using the trusty Oppressor, and other players were already formulating their own ideas in the post’s comments. We probably won’t have to wait too long for another player to pull off a new crazy stunt in GTA Online’s wild sandbox.