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Gotham Knights: Release date, trailers, gameplay

Published: 19/Mar/2021 16:19 Updated: 19/Mar/2021 16:30

by Lauren Bergin


Gotham Knights is a DC comic book fan’s paradise. The Warner Brothers title drops later this year, so here’s everything we know about the highly anticipated RPG.

It’s safe to say that 2021 could do with some heroes, but Gotham Knights isn’t quite the DC saga that fans might be anticipating. With Gotham City having been overrun with corruption, you’ll need to become the iconic city’s newest hero.

Excited to try your hand at being the new Batman? Here’s everything you need to know about the new release all in one place.

WB Games Montréal
You’ll be playing as one of these four iconic faces in your quest to cleanse Gotham.

Gotham Knights release date

While there’s no date set for Warner Brothers’ alternative take on a Batman saga, it was previously announced at the 2020 DC Fandome that 2021 will be the release year for the title.


On March 19th, 2021, however, the Gotham Knights Twitter shared that the game has been delayed to 2022 to give “the game more time to deliver the best possible experience for players.”

Gotham Knights trailers

The first glimpse that we’ve got of the Batman inspired game comes in the form of the World Premier Trailer, which was dropped at the aforementioned 2020 DC Fandome.

World Premier Trailer

The trailer opens in the style of a news broadcast, which informs us of a large explosion that has rocked Gotham City. Further details reveal that Bruce Wayne, the billionaire philanthropist best known as Batman, has been killed in the incident.


We see each of our four new heroes receive a digital message entitled ‘Code Black’ from the recently deceased hero, calling them to follow in his footsteps and keep Gotham safe.

The Knighthood trailer, released a month later, also encourages fans share any creative ventures leading up to the event using the #Knighthood.

Knighthood Trailer

What is it about?

Gotham Knights is set in a neo-dystopian future where Batman is dead and Gotham city is awash in crime. Hand picked by Batman to be his successors, Batgirl, Nightwing, Red Hood and Robin take to the streets in an attempt to keep the city they hold dear safe.


While they’ll meet some familiar faces along the way, including Mr. Freeze, something lurks beneath the city in chained up coffins just waiting to be unleashed. What this is? It looks to be the Court of Owls, and they’re not happy.

Gotham Knights gameplay

Warner Brothers have produced an extensive walkthrough showcasing the gameplay we can expect from Gotham Knights.

Gameplay walkthrough

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While this snipped only showcases Batgirl, we get a clear look at what she can do, how the fights play out, as well as information on the vehicles that you’ll be using too. Importantly, you’ll be able to play as all of the Knights, who in turn have their own unique characteristics.


  • Red Hood: Combat & weapons specialist.
  • Robin: Stealth specialist.
  • Batgirl: Hacking specialist.
  • Nightwing: Acrobatics specialist.

You’ll have to be able to adapt to play all of these styles in order to progress through Gotham City. With each character having a specific storyline, it’s assumed that you’ll have to undertake them all in order to fully complete the game.

Gotham Knights platforms

Batgirl standing by a clocktower in Gotham Knights
WB Games Montréal
Batgirl’s encounter with Mr. Freeze is the epic battle we’ve all been waiting for.

Gotham Knights will be released on Microsoft Windows PCs, Xbox One & Series X|S and Playstation 4 & 5.

Details regarding cross platform and cross generational play have not yet been confirmed, but we’ll keep you updated with any relevant news.

So that’s it for Gotham Knights! Ensure that you keep checking back with Dexerto so that you don’t miss out on any of new game information.