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Football Manager 2022: Release date, headline features, platforms, and everything we know

Published: 20/Oct/2021 12:01

by Nick Farrell


Another year of football simulation is right around the corner, and the premier title for this, Football Manager 2022 is going to be arriving for some of your favorite platforms this Fall season! 

In a gaming space full of sports titles that let fans recreate some of their dream lineups with their favorite rosters, Football Manager has set itself apart from the rest with meticulous attention to detail that’d make Thomas Tuchel blush.

The franchise allows fans to take control of their club, from training routines to matchday squads and salary negotiations, and it’s one of gaming’s most addictive ways to spend a few hours.


Here’s all we know about Football Manager 2022.


fm manager 2021 gameplay
Football Manager puts you in the seat of the club manager, controlling nearly all aspects of the game.

Football Manager 2022 release date

Football Manager 2022 will be releasing worldwide on November 9, 2022. As is often the case, we’d expect a beta a couple of weeks beforehand.

Football Manager 2022 Headline Features

Each release of Football Manager sees a set of new headline features. These are typically what differentiate the next game from last year’s, and some can be game-changing.

Here are the ones we know of, thanks to a new extended video from developer Sports Interactive:

Looking for a short version? Here’s what’s new, as per Sports Interactive’s blog.

  • Data Hub – improved data and performance analysis tools for managers to ensure they’re getting the most out of their players. These are the same reporting methods used by real clubs.
  • Match Engine – Expect new animations with players showcasing a wider range of movement, as well as improved AI.
  • New player roles – Finally, players can deploy Wide Centre-Backs in a back three.
  • Backroom Rewrite – Meetings with staff will now offer greater support and organisation.
  • Deadline day changes – Amended player values and scouting improvements will make Deadline Day more dramatic than ever.

Football Manager 2022 platforms

Football Manager 2022 will arrive on the following plat


  • PC (Steam, Epic Games and Microsoft Store)
  • Xbox One
  • Xbox Series X|S

Football Manager 2022 Mobile will also return to iOS and Android devices.

Football Manager 2022 Touch will be a Nintendo Switch exclusive this year, though, with no tablet version planned.

Xbox Edition

Football Manager 2022 Xbox Edition is getting some upgrades, according to a new blog post.

Sports Interactive has promised Xbox players a smoother controller experience with improved navigation. The Data Hub has come to the Xbox version, too, along with an improved match engine and the updated deadline day found in the PC version.

Xbox Game Pass day one for Football Manager 2022

One of the more notable announcements made by SEGA is that Football Manager 2022 is going to launch on Xbox Game Pass on day one.


This will be available for both PC and Xbox players and Studio Director Miles Jacbonson noted that this decision was largely stemmed from “the success of our return to Xbox last year surpassed even our expectations and we’re delighted to be expanding our partnership with Microsoft.”

Football Manager 2022 pre-order and early access

One of the neater aspects of Football Manager this year is that players will have the chance to jump into the game early, if they pre-order it at certain retailers.

This will only be available on PC, as you’ll need to pre-order it on the Epic Games or Steam store to gain two weeks early access. As well, they’ve noted that the progress you make during these two weeks will carry over to the official release.


In the downtime between now and the release of Football Manager 2022, be sure to get up to speed with FIFA 22.

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