Female Soul Calibur pro Kayane claps back at sexist haters after Top 8 Evo finish - Dexerto

Female Soul Calibur pro Kayane claps back at sexist haters after Top 8 Evo finish

Published: 5/Aug/2019 20:37 Updated: 5/Aug/2019 20:55

by Eli Becht


Kayane, a female Soul Calibur 6 pro, made it into the Top 8 at Evo 2019 and had something to say to those who say women can’t compete in esports.

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Karma is always sweet, especially when you’re the one that is directly dishing it out.

After Kayane was able to reach the Top 8 at Evo 2019 playing Soul Calibur 6, she took a not-so-subtle jab at the people out there who don’t recognize women as serious competitors in the esports world.

Bandai NamcoKayane made it to Top 8 in Soul Calibur.
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“I often read comments: women can’t make TOP 8 at majors,” she tweeted. “Recently there were some stupid comments about the women FGC panel at EVO, and I read people saying we can’t have the level to compete. So my tweets (are) directed to those players!”


Of course, one person comes right to mind from this based on their earlier comments and that’s Slayer.

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Slayer once said women aren’t able to compete in fighting games and that drew a lot of criticism from members of the community, including Sonic Fox.

The video game world has largely been dominated by men but real progress is being made in esports by women whether it’s Kayane reaching Top 8 or FaZe Clan signing their first female player.

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“I don’t know why some feel offended whereas you didn’t say it, only those who say it should feel hurt by my tweet,” she said. “I want them to never say it again! It’s a few people saying that all the time that are really toxic, but of course most of the competitors I meet are respectful!”


There’s still a lot of work to be done but the community is definitely on the right path. Groups like Combo Queens, XO Academy, and others in the fighting game community are working daily to ensure that this is being done day by day. Advocates like Persia, Dexerto’s own Virginia Glaze, and others have made great strides towards educating both interested female players who are trying to compete and their male counterparts who might need help seeing their perspective on things. 

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The crowd at Evo burst into applause when Kayane was able to secure her spot in the Top 8 and on the main stage. She was the only woman who reached that point.


Now all Kayane has to do is come home with the first-place prize so she can really shut everyone up.