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Elden Ring multiplayer: PvP invasions, co-op, more

Published: 20/Oct/2021 14:52

by Sam Smith


Elden Ring is the next dark fantasy game by FromSoftware, but will the multiplayer emulate previous Souls/Borne games?

While Elden Ring is a new IP by FromSoftware, made in collaboration with George R.R. Martin, it’s likely to borrow heavily from previous games in the Souls catalog. This is apparent from the early trailers, which show a bleak fantasy world, not unlike the ones we’ve seen in Dark Souls or Demon’s Souls.

This has led many to believe that Elden Ring’s multiplayer will also resemble the Souls games, in a few significant ways.

Elden Ring’s multiplayer

elden ring gameplay
Elden Ring/FromSoftware
Elden Ring will be the best looking From Software game yet.


FromSoftware has already confirmed that Elden Ring will feature a multiplayer co-op system similar to previous titles. Four players will be able to explore the world together and support each other in combat. While unconfirmed, we suspect each session will feature one host, who summons three other players into their world as Spirits.


In Demon’s, Dark Souls, and Bloodborne, these spirits disappear once a player defeats a boss character, returning to their world with a mountain of experience and loot. However, they will need to be the host themselves and defeat that boss in their own world to progress in the game’s campaign.

elden ring
Elden Ring/FromSoftware
Elden Ring resembles Bloodborne and Demon’s Souls.

PvP and invasions

In FromSoftware’s previous titles, the game’s single-player campaign and multiplayer have been blended. This way, players can interact with others in co-op, but also ward off invaders in PvP. Sometimes both types of multiplayer take place at the same time. Having back-up against hostile players is an excellent way to ensure survival.


Elden Ring’s multiplayer appears to borrow from previous Souls games, as the promotional images feature what looks a lot like a Blue Phantom. These are guardians who hunt down invaders (Red Phantoms), and their inclusion suggests that Elden Ring will indeed feature an invasion mechanic.

This is when a hostile player will invade another player’s game to kill them and steal their loot or ‘Souls’, the game’s currency and experience points. Invasion is a beloved PvP mechanic in Souls games and adds an incredible level of tension to already pulse-racing gameplay.

Elden Ring Blue Phantom in combat
From Software
Blue Phantoms suggest Elden Ring will feature PvP similar to Dark Souls.

How will the open-world impact multiplayer?

Of course, Elden Ring will need to differentiate itself from previous FromSoftware games, which it could do by utilizing its open world. Previous games have had interconnected and large worlds, but none have been truly ‘open’ in the traditional sense.


Elden Ring’s promotional materials have been keen to stress the importance of the open world, and this could have a major impact on co-op and PvP multiplayer. For example, co-op players may no longer be dismissed by defeating a boss and may be able to fight alongside their host for longer periods of time.

The less linear nature of Elden Ring could also dramatically impact PvP, with host characters and invaders having many more hiding places or options to escape than in earlier Souls entries. Hunting players across a wider space could change tried and tested invasion tactics and make cat and mouse battles take much longer.


A big open-world could flip everything we know about Souls/Borne multiplayer upside-down, and while Elden Ring appears to borrow heavily from its predecessors, this may make it a totally new experience.