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Anthem: Where to find treasure chests and collectibles for Trial of Yvenia

Published: 23/Feb/2019 22:23 Updated: 23/Feb/2019 23:23

by Virginia Glaze


Following Anthem’s release on February 22, players are now faced with completing the Challenges of the Legionnaires – which includes the Trial of Yvenia.

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In order to complete this trial and open the Tomb of Yvenia in Freeplay mode, players will need to open 15 treasure chests and pick up 10 collectibles.

We’ve gathered a slew of resources for players looking to complete the Trial, including a map (courtesy of Reddit user ‘ayerun’) of the required treasure chests and a handy guide to find all 10 collectibles.

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Ayerun, RedditReddit user ‘ayerun’ provided a handy map of Anthem’s treasure chests, in order for players to complete the Trial of Yvenia.

Treasure Chests

While the map (pictured above) doesn’t contain all the treasure chests available for the Trial, it is important to note that chest spawns in Anthem appear to be random – but players are sure to come across the ones listed as they go along.


The chests in question can be found as players explore the Fort Tarsis region in Freeplay. While only 15 are needed, ‘ayerun’ provided an extensive list of multiple chests, which comes in handy considering the game’s chest spawn system.

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Bioware, PolygonAnthem’s release on February 22 opened up a new mission for players – one that requires unlocking 15 treasure chests and finding 10 collectibles.

Additionally, it’s important to note that chests yield better loot on higher difficulties, meaning that players who are looking to get the best of the game’s goodies might try playing on a higher setting.

However, Bioware has since closed the loophole allowing players to unlock Masterwork and Legendary items in Freeplay, forcing players to scoop the items in the Grandmaster levels.


Bioware, VarietyAnthem’s treasure chest spawn system appears to be random – but players can still complete the Trial with ‘ayeruns’ handy map.
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For players looking to bag 10 collectibles for the Trial, YouTuber Gaming with Abyss has provided a handy, visual guide. It’s possible to pick up 10 collectibles by just exploring the world in Freeplay, but it might take awhile to track enough down. With this guide, you can get it done as quickly as possible. 

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For a detailed list on the collectibles’ locations see below:

  • Ha Ha! Danger – The first collectible is in a ruined building just past a broken bridge, in a campsite with a broken chair.
  • Outlaw Poetry – This collectible is a sheaf of paper, placed on top a crate past a waterfall.
  • Outlaw Ranting – A book hidden in the Cave of Sharper, which will be full of bones with Strider waiting outside.
  • Friend of the Wild – This collectible is found in the Moonpod Lagoon, tucked away in a beast’s skeleton underneath a bridge.
  • New Customer – A paper, sitting on top of a crate in a campsite at the Cave of Sharper.
  • Change of Plan – This paper can be spotted in the cave entrance at Tarsis Bypass, behind the arch of a broken wall.
  • Regulator Store Sale Flyer – This flyer can be found near the ‘Change of Plan’ collectible, on top of a crate.
  • Thank You, Governor – Further down in the cave, this collectible is hidden underneath a waterfall ahead of a Sentinel Camp near the Tomb of Yvenia.
  • Dear Governor – This collectible is also under the same waterfall.
  • Most Esteemed Governor – Also under the waterfall.