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Abandoned developers Blue Box Games condemn death threats sent to devs

Published: 17/Oct/2021 13:45

by Sam Comrie


Abandoned developers Blue Box Games have issued a response after receiving “death threats” on the back of their controversial interactive demo launch back in August.

The mystery of Blue Box Games’ upcoming title Abandoned has intrigued players for months on end, after many posited that it could be a secret Hideo Kojima project.

Despite their best efforts to disparage these claims, Blue Box Games and its game director Hasan Kahraman have found themselves on the receiving end of disgruntled fans hoping Abandoned is more than meets the eye.

The negativity has come to a head, as the studio has now released a statement addressing the safety of their team.


Blue Box Game Studios
Players have been eager to know the truth behind Abandoned.

Developers address “death threats” directly

While Abandoned has kept players on their toes, in the hopes it could potentially be a Silent Hill sequel in disguise, the as-of-yet unreleased game has garnered a unique following of fans with varying expectations.

However, due to the developers causing further controversy with their demo reveal in August, this has only escalated the situation further.

“The last few days have been difficult” for the studio, as “death threats are increasing online but also physically” against the developers. Dealing them for the “past few months”, the studio added they are “fully aware of the negative situation” surrounding Abandoned.

“We understand and appreciate your interest for Abandoned,” the developers added, asking players to “give us space and let us work on Abandoned” in the meantime. Promising to start a “regular blog” on their official website and Twitter page, the current status of Abandoned’s development is unknown.


It marks a worrying trend in video game development, with more and more devs sharing the abuse and harassment they receive online.

It is likely that another demo, with gameplay included this time, will drop further down the line.