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Where to find Tarana in Fortnite and how to get artifacts

Published: 30/Mar/2021 19:01

by Tanner Pierce


After the 16.10 update, Fortnite players have a brand-new Spire challenge to complete, this one with the NPC Tarana, and it can be a bit difficult to find. Here’s how you can get the quest and what you’ll need to do once you acquire it.

Fortnite’s quests and challenges give players an easy way to level-up their battle pass. Each one gives you a ton of XP, meaning getting them done will send you soaring through each tier without a problem.

With the release of update 16.10, Spire Challenges are now available, and the first one deals with Tarana, the dinosaur-themed NPC located on the map. Getting the challenge and completing it, however, are a bit more difficult.


Finding Tarana and starting the challenge

Tarana can be found in Boney Burbs during Season 6.

Luckily, completing this challenge is pretty easy. While it’s a little confusing at first, all players need to do is find Tarana and follow all the instructions and quests that she gives you. Doing so will reward you with a large amount of XP in total, which as previously mentioned will help you fly through the Battle Pass.

To start the quest, you’ll want to go over to Tarana, located at Bonesy Burbs. Once you interact with her, you’ll see some new dialogue options. If you select them and follow them, she should then give you a quest to find some artifacts.


Finding the Artifacts in Bonesy Burbs

After talking with Tarana, she’ll give you a quest to find three artifacts located around Bonesy Burbs. These artifacts act similarly to the items players have interacted with in previous challenges and quests so it’s not too hard to deal with.

The artifacts themselves can be found in three locations right now:

  • Inside the big building with the horns painted on it, located behind the walkway bridge.
  • Inside the gas station.
  • Underneath the stairway at the clocktower.

After that, just return to Tarana and you’ll complete that part of the quest.

As previously mentioned, they are all pretty easy and if you know where to look, you should be able to finish it within just a few minutes.

It is worth noting that there appears to be a bug right now and if you are killed after accepting the artifact quest from Tarana, there’s a chance that the quest to find artifacts themselves won’t pop up. It’s unclear how prevalent this glitch is, but it will stop you from completing the challenge until it’s fixed so be warned.