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Where to find Bigfoot in Fortnite: Tips for tracking elusive Season 5 NPC

Published: 7/Jan/2021 2:44

by Brad Norton


Bigfoot is by far the most elusive character in Fortnite Season 5. However, that doesn’t mean he’s not out there. Here’s a few key tricks to keep in mind when trying to hunt down the rare NPC.

From Big Chuggus to Ragnarok and even The Mandalorian himself, there are ton of NPCs scattered across Fortnite. Some are purely there for comedic effect while others actually have a real impact.

Many will help you heal up while others will provide an assortment of resources. Each character comes with its own function thanks to the new Gold Bar currency system in Season 5.


If you’re trying to meet every single character on the map, however, there’s none more elusive than Bigfoot. This exceedingly rare NPC has kept players scratching their heads for weeks. But here’s how you can effectively track it down in your next session.

Fortnite Season 5 map
A look at each unique spawn point for Bigfoot in Fortnite Season 5.

First off, it’s important to note that like most other NPCs, Bigfoot can spawn in a few different locations. Thankfully, every sighting of this character has come from the very bottom edges of the map.

The next thing to keep in mind is that Bigfoot wanders around. It won’t stay in its spawn location for long, meaning you could see it out and about on your travels. There is a strategy to help nail down its specific position on the map, however.


You’ll want to first track down Bunker Jonesy. This NPC can appear at both Camp Cod and Shipwreck Cove. If he’s not at the first, head to the second POI and check there. Once you’ve made contact, it’ll cost you 100 Gold Bars to gain some intel on Bigfoot.

Fortnite Junker Bonesy
Epic Games
Bunker Jonesy will help nail down the exact location of Bigfoot.

Jonesy will reveal the location of a nearby Bigfoot on your map. Place a marker on this position and head there immediately before it walks away. You should see Bigfoot stumbling around but you can approach it just like any other NPC without fear of it running off.


Interacting with Bigfoot will provide you with a Zero Point fish. This can be used to heal or teleport no different from if it was caught in a river.

Fortnite Bigfoot
Epic Games
Bigfoot appears no different from any other NPC when you actually get close.

So if you’re trying to tick off every single NPC sighting this season, make sure you get Bigfoot done sooner than later. It’s the rarest character to spot, and it’s much harder to do so without first talking to Bunker Jonesy.

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