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When are cars coming to Fortnite? Epic finally announce release date

Published: 4/Aug/2020 0:42 Updated: 4/Aug/2020 0:45

by Alan Bernal


The long-awaited debut for cars in Fortnite Season 3 is just down the road as Epic Games gave players a clear signal for when to expect the new vehicles in the game.

Since the start of Season 3, the Fortnite devs have let players know that cars were on the slate. But a few in-game events like the flooding that led to the introduction of Aquaman stalled any land-based vehicles on the island, considering there were hardly any roads to use them in.

But now that we’re deep into the third season of Chapter 2, people have been waiting with bated breaths for any indication that the automobiles are coming soon.


Thankfully for Fortnite fans, after a brief delay, they now have a concrete date from Epic as cars will officially make their debut in the Joy Ride update scheduled for Wednesday, August 5.

The devs teased the upcoming cars by showing off a rough look at Whiplash, a new blue-and-sport- red roadster with racing stripes – a minor change from its grey paint job as it appeared in the Season 3 launch trailer.

“It’s not just a name. It’s a warning,” the devs said about Whiplash. It sounds like this model could be one of the faster vehicles in the lineup, as players can expect a few options to arrive when the update hits live servers.


The upcoming patch will mark the end of the prolonged wait for cars in Fortnite. They were expected to arrive earlier in the season, but then Epic announced that “many vehicles got taken for inspection” and were coming weeks later.

Epic Games
Epic Games are opening the roads in Fortnite to vehicular mayhem on August 5.

Previous leaks revealed that cars will have max speeds around 28-45, with around 500 health, and the ability for players to ‘eject’ after being hit for 50 damage.

More importantly, the leaks showed that players will be able to gain metal mats when hitting objects like the Brutes did in seasons past.

When cars explode they deal 800 damage to buildings while inflicting 50 damage to players at short range and 200 at long range, according to the datamined files.


Driving a car in Fortnite will give teams a powerful and fun new tool to get around the island while adding to the charm of Epic’s popular game.

If there aren’t any delays, Fortnite will soon introduce their fleet of vehicles to the island as the highly anticipated 13.40 Season 3 update is finally on the way.