What happened to these datamined LTM’s in Fortnite? – Dexerto

What happened to these datamined LTM’s in Fortnite?

Published: 30/Oct/2018 21:38

by Mitch Reames


Two Fortnite Limited Time Modes (LTMs) were datamined over the summer, but still haven’t appeared in the game according to FortniteIntel.

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Usually datamined game modes have pretty consistently ended up in the game, but these two modes were found during Season Four and are still missing in Season Six, indicating they won’t be appearing in Fortnite at all.

The two modes were Tactics Showdown (TAXES) and Ground Game.

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Tactics Showdown put caps on ammunition and building materials to force players to play smarter and more tactically. In addition, structures are weakened and players drop less loot.

This mode would be an interesting look at a possible way to improve Fortnite esports and Epic could be saving the mode to implement these ideas in a future Skirmish.

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Ground Game focuses on a similar idea. The same rules apply to building materials and ammo caps.

The name Ground Game alludes to using the natural cover provided by the map, instead of the building that is such an integral part of Fortnite.

Both modes would be interesting LTMs but have been removed from the game files with Patch 5.0 and have apparently been tabled for the time being.