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Viral Fortnite TikTok trick shows how to use Armored Walls for easy kills

Published: 25/Sep/2021 20:50

by Alan Bernal


Fortnite added a new trap with the Armored Wall reinforcement for mats and one viral TikTok showed just how deadly the new item can be in a close fight.

Shootouts in Fortnite have tremendously evolved since the battle royale first launched with more emphasis on build battles and reflexes that ultimately help out with landing the perfect shot.

Not only do you have to out-aim your opponent, you also have to outwit them with breakneck build speed. But with the new Armored Wall item, there’s a way to throw off your opponents by using their own mats against them.


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While the traps primarily look like a defensive tool, TikToker ‘AroseFeared’ showed why these traps shouldn’t be underestimated during a 1v1.

“As I boxed up my opponent, I placed an Armored Wall on his ramp so he can’t edit to shoot,” he explained. “I can now edit out and create my own peek.”

More than anything, Fortnite players understand the importance of instant edits when trying to open up a shooting angle.

In build battles, placing down a mat isn’t only beneficial to block weapons, but also because of the agency it gives you to change up sight lines.


If someone ramps inside of a box, then they’re probably expecting to manipulate the mat to get a peek against you. Placing the Armored Wall completely ruins that game plan since they can’t make any changes to it.

Using these kinds of items in creative ways could net you quick kills against Fortnite players that aren’t expecting it.

As Epic Games continue to add layers to their game, expect more of these kind of items that can change the tide in any given Fortnite match.