Twitch Streamer LyndonFPS Meets Fortnite Hacker Using Unreleased Skins - Dexerto

Twitch Streamer LyndonFPS Meets Fortnite Hacker Using Unreleased Skins

Published: 17/Aug/2018 13:05 Updated: 17/Aug/2018 13:13

by Ross Deason


Twitch streamer LyndonFPS recently played Fortnite with someone that already has access to unreleased cosmetics, like the P.A.N.D.A Team Leader outfit.

Viewers of the stream, and Lyndon himself, quickly became suspicious that the young player had used some form of hack to gain access to the various cosmetic items.

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This was soon confirmed when Lyndon asked “are you like a hacker?” and the player responded with “uh kinda, yeah”.

Lyndon quickly responded by saying “I gotta go dude” and removing the hacker from his lobby.

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Unfortunately it appears that hacks are becoming more of an issue in Fortnite Battle Royale on a daily basis, particularly on the PC version of the game.


Some Lyndon fans claim that they can be edited into the game and used in the lobby but not in proper matches so it is hard to determine how much of a game breaking hack this is.

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While Fortnite is completely free to play, various cosmetics and skins can only be purchased with V-Bucks (which can be earned or bought for real money) and some players seem to think that hacking them is an easier option.

People tend to think of hackers using aim or vision assistance to perform better in-game, hacks for skins and items seem to becoming particularly prevalent in Fortnite.


Epic Games has taken a strong stance against hackers of any kind in Fortnite so it seems likely that the player’s account will be deleted in the near future.