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Fortnite: TSM Myth shows TimTheTatman overpowered BRUTE Mech exploit

Published: 4/Aug/2019 17:25 Updated: 4/Aug/2019 17:37

by Daniel Cleary


Popular Fortnite glitch to TimTheTatman and DrLupo, which allows players to quickly fly across the map in the new BRUTE Mech suits.

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The release of Fortnite Season X has come with a lot of new changes, such as the addition of the new BRUTE Mech suit which many in the community have spoken out against this latest addition to the game.

The new Mech suits, which are already deemed as overpowered by many fans, may have become even worse, after this new exploit was uncovered.

EPIC GAMESThe new BRUTE glitch allows Fortnite players to quickly boost across the map.
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The TSM star, Myth, showed the move on stream, while playing with TimTheTatman and DrLupo, which allows players inside the Mech suits to rapidly spam the jump button, allowing them to easily fly across large portions of the map in seconds.


The glitch allows players to completely bypass the standard cooldown which is normally on the BRUTE’s boost by quickly leaving and entering the Mech between each jump.

After getting their hands on the BRUTE again Myth displayed how effective the exploit could be for Mech suit users, “Okay, so now you can immediately get out and just do it again? Wow that is unreal.” Tim added, while Myth was dashing across the map.

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Epic Games have yet to comment on this potentially game-breaking glitch, but, if they’re aware, they will no doubt be working on patching the it in the next update.


Many players and popular content creators are calling for the removal of BRUTE Mech’s all together, such as Tfue, who has been very vocal about his opinion on the new ‘vehicle’.

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An ‘Epic Games expert’ gave some fans hope by saying a nerf would be on the way, and that the Mechs “might” be removed from competitive modes.

Although many are unhappy with the addition of the BRUTE’s to the game, there seems to no immediate plans to vault the armored suits just yet.