TSM Daequan criticizes Fortnite's 'direction' with recent updates - "They don't make anybody happy" - Dexerto

TSM Daequan criticizes Fortnite’s ‘direction’ with recent updates – “They don’t make anybody happy”

Published: 3/Nov/2018 14:04

by Calum Patterson


TSM professional Fortnite player Daequan ‘Daequan’ Loco hasn’t been impressed with recent patches and changes made to the battle royale mode, saying they appeal to no one.

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Discussing the potential of Fortnite ‘dying’, Daequan dismissed this idea due to the already massive player base, made up largely of young fans who simply play to have fun, and will not be put off by small gameplay changes.

However, while he recognizes Epic Games’ intention to appeal to the casual players rather than the ‘tryhards’, he thinks that recent updates haven’t appealed to either, questioning if Epic Games have lost direction.


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“This game is so amazing at its core, but I feel like they don’t know what the fuck direction they want to go,” he says, “I don’t know what they’re thinking, a lot of it just doesn’t make any sense.”

He explains that while Fortnite is not “trash”, as some very negative players suggest, but does admit that “the direction [Epic Games] is going, is trash.”

Later in his YouTube video, he continues his thought, explaining that while Epic are clearly trying to make the game more accessible for new or casual players, recent patches have not made anyone “happy”.


“The problem is, the patches that they release, don’t make anybody happy, it just makes the game AIDS, you know what I’m saying? That’s the problem. […] Like the Glider patch for example, it doesn’t save the ‘not so amazing’ players from the amazing players. It just makes it take longer, it makes everybody wast [materials], it’s not going to make anybody better or worse, it’s just going to be annoying.”

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In answering the question the title sets, Daequan explains that despite these complains, Fortnite will never ‘die’.

“This game’s never going to die, there’s literally like 100 million players active. Do you see how many freakin’ kids you see doing Fortnite dances? Do you think they’re going to quit the game because gliders are in the game? No, they’re not going to quit the game bro.”

However, he does think that numbers could “dwindle”, if the developers “keep going in this direction”, but it won’t die, only have less players.