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TSM Daequan catches Hamlinz red-handed in hilarious clip

Published: 5/Oct/2018 15:20 Updated: 5/Oct/2018 15:32

by Ross Deason


TSM’s Darryle ‘Hamlinz’ Hamlin learnt an important lesson during a recent Twitch stream – never talk about your housemate without looking over your shoulder to check the coast is clear first!

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As part of TSM’s Fortnite roster, the 23-year-old currently resides in the California team house with the likes of Ali ‘Myth’ Kabbani and Daequan Loco.

Unfortunately for Hamlinz, the one time he decided to brag about beating Daequan in a 1 vs 1 happened to coincide with his teammate being stood directly behind him, and the other TSM man wasn’t about to take that lying down!


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Daequan sauntered into Hamlinz’ room to perform a Fortnite dance in the background of the stream at the exact moment that Hamlinz stated “I already beat Daequan in a 1 vs 1.”

“Bitch, when?! Bitch when?! What you talking about? don’t be lying!” exclaimed Daequan, scaring Hamlinz half to death and nearly making him fall out of his chair in surprise:

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The banter between the TSM stars continued once Hamlinz had regained some composure, with him saying “I beat him in a horse, okay, 1 vs 1 he broke my neck, but I got him in horse buddy. That’s a 1 vs 1, I didn’t get specific!”


We’re not entirely sure what ‘horse’ is (perhaps the basketball variation), but the hilarious moment quickly made its way to Reddit and we’re sure that Hamlinz will be watching his six intently the next time he makes any comments about his teammates!

Hamlinz is both a content creator and competitive Fortnite player for Team SoloMid and has built an impressive fanbase of just under 1.3 million followers on Twitch and 800,000 subscribers on YouTube.

All the TSM players are at the top of their game, but part of being a pro player is believing that you are the best there is; even better than your teammates.