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TmarTn has a Simple Solution for Fortnite Players Keyboarding on Consoles

Published: 21/Jul/2018 18:46 Updated: 11/Oct/2020 17:24

by Vincent Genova


The Fortnite Summer Skirmish has come under fire after allegations of cheating surfaced against the winner of the July 20 event.

Some of the allegations involved console players using a keyboard and mouse to gain an advantage and it has sparked a debate within the Fortnite community. Keyboarding on console has been a potential issue in competitions across all games, but YouTuber Trevor ‘TmarTn’ Martin has a solution for the issue in Fortnite.

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He tweeted his simple problem solver in response to Epic’s quote about not restricting input devices to promote accessibility.

TmarTn would like to see those using a keyboard on console to match with PC lobbies in Fortnite.


The solution may not seem simple to Epic Games, who would have to detect what input a player is using every time they queue into matchmaking. There is also the issue of third party adapters which can mask a user’s input device.

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Keyboarding on console provides an advantage in shooting due to the increased accuracy of a mouse, however it is an even bigger advantage to have a keyboard in a command heavy game like Fortnite.

While the community argues over what to do with console players looking to gain an advantage, it is worth noting that Epic Games has cleared the winner of the Summer Skirmish of all wrongdoing.


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No evidence has been found to suggest keyboarding is a problem in official Fortnite competitions but it could still be an issue in public lobbies for non-pro players.

Do you agree with TmarTn’s solution of having console keyboard users match into PC lobbies?