This Fortnite Season Six concept art would add a new terrain to the map - Dexerto

This Fortnite Season Six concept art would add a new terrain to the map

Published: 21/Sep/2018 10:33 Updated: 21/Sep/2018 11:07

by Matt Porter


An interesting new concept for the Season 6 map of Fortnite Battle Royale would see a third type of terrain added to the game.

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The concept art was originally uploaded to Instagram by the ‘fortnitewave’ account, and shows what designer ‘Sardar’ would like to see Epic Games add to the map when Season 6 of the massively popular battle royale game begins.

Included in the design are two new points of interest on the, along with a new terrain for players to to fight on.

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The first suggested point of interest is called Crazy Coasters, and is found in the North East of the map. The area appears to be an amusement park which features massive roller coasters, which Fortnite fans may be able to ride on.


The second location features the proposed new terrain, as ‘Slippery Slopes’ seems to be a snow covered area in the North West corner of the map. The name Slippery Slopes implies the area could be mountainous. Perhaps we would see new vehicles added to allow Fortnite fans to traverse the hills?

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The Slippery Slopes concept seems to be a direct opposite of Paradise Palms, the desert area featuring an ATV track in the South East region of the Fortnite map. 

Of course, this is all just concept art dreamed up by a Fortnite fan, and Epic Games are yet to release a statement on what we can expect when Season 6 launches.


Fans won’t have to wait too long however, as Fortnite Season Six is set to begin on Tuesday, September 26.