This awesome Fortnite concept could be the cure for third-party fighting - Dexerto

This awesome Fortnite concept could be the cure for third-party fighting

Published: 3/Nov/2018 0:50

by Wyatt Donigan


Third-party fighting has become quite a hot topic in the Fortnite community, with many frustrated at the prevalence of the practice.

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There’s nothing worse than winning a fight in Fortnite only for someone else to come up and kill you after you’ve been weakened by the first fight.

With that in mind, Reddit user ‘coreythedesigner’ came up with an idea for a new game mechanic that could completely change the dynamic of fights in Fortnite.

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Specifically aimed at third-party fighting, this concept would make it so that any builds made by the opponent you just eliminated would transfer over to you and your squad.


This is key since it would allow players to quickly edit existing builds instantly, eliminating the need to destroy them in order to build cover of your own.

Idea: When you kill an opponent, their builds editing control would transfer to you and your squad. This would help you maintain control when the inevitable third-party shows up and would move the game along interestingly in skirmishes! from r/FortNiteBR

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Instead of being caught in the rough position of winning a fight and being immediately converged upon by an enemy team, players would have plenty of options to defend themselves with this inventive concept.

The idea looks to be a hit on Reddit, with many players agreeing that it’s a great idea that they’d love to see included in the game. The post currently sits on the front page of the official Fortnite Reddit with over 1,200 upvotes.

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It seems like the transferring of builds is one of the most talked about issues in Fortnite, as another user also introduced an idea of a trap that would allow players to take over enemy builds.

Epic Games has been known to adopt player concepts into Fortnite, so there’s a good possibility that these could eventually make their way into the game.