Fortnite challenges for the mysterious Ice Storm event have been leaked - Dexerto

Fortnite challenges for the mysterious Ice Storm event have been leaked

Published: 16/Jan/2019 17:07 Updated: 4/Mar/2021 13:09

by Ross Deason


It would appear that the full list of challenges for the upcoming ‘Ice Storm’ event in Fortnite Battle Royale have been leaked and that they will be playable across PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and mobile.

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Fortnite’s major v7.20 update was released on January 15 and, for the first time in a number of weeks, data miners managed to get their hands on the game files in order to leak various unreleased skins, cosmetics, limited time modes and more.

One such leak came in the form of an in-game event called ‘Ice Storm’ which some fans believe will have something to do with the Season 7 lore as we get ever closer to the release of Season 8 in February.


@S1l0xThe Ice Storm event will start soon, according to leaks.
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The initial Ice Storm leak showed that it would be linked with a list of challenges, and some of them were founds straight away, but nothing more could be discovered until January 16 when @s1l0x on Twitter shared the entire list.

You can view the challenges below:

The leaked Ice Storm challenges seem to follow a similar trend to Fortnitemares.
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If the leaked challenges prove to be correct, the Ice Storm event will feature 13 challenges in total and players will be rewarded with a cosmetic item or experience points for each stage that they work their way through.

If you are unable to see the image above, the full list of leaked Ice Storm challenges is as follows:


  • Complete Ice Storm Challenges – [Blue Metallic Weapon Wrap]
  • Deal damage to the Ice Legion – [In-game experience]
  • Deal 2,000 damage to the Ice Legion in a single match – [Glider]
  • Deal 5,000 damage with Explosive Weapons to the Ice Legion
  • Deal 10,000 damage with Assault Rifles or Pistols to the Ice Legion
  • Deal 10,000 damage with Shotguns or SMGs to the Ice Legion
  • Destroy 10 Ice Shards in different matches
  • Destroy 300 members of the Ice Legion
  • Destroy 100 Ice Brutes
  • Destroy 100 Elite Members of the Ice Legion
  • Destroy 250 Ice Fiends
  • Destroy 20 Golden Ice Brutes
  • Destroy 150 Ranged Ice Fiends

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