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The Duos vs Squads console kill record in Fortnite has been broken

Published: 23/Oct/2018 22:06 Updated: 23/Oct/2018 22:13

by Albert Petrosyan


A new pair of Fortnite players now hold the world record for most eliminations on console in the Duos vs Squads category.

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Competitive players ‘Toonah‘, who competes for Radiant Esports, and ‘Haslam,’ are the first pair of players to drop 40 eliminations when queuing up in a Squads lobby on console.

The previous Duos vs Squads record on console was help by players ‘Rubes_94’ and ‘Upshall,’ who got 39 eliminations early in May.

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Toonah uploaded the full gameplay of the match, with both players dropping 20 eliminations each for the record setting performance.

It’s worth noting that neither player team-killed the other at the end of the match, which further legitimizes their record. Although friendly fire is disabled, there are still ways to eliminate teammates without shooting at them, and players and teams in the past have tried to exploit that feature to add additional kills to their total.


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The most interesting part about this whole development is that this 40 elimination match was actually played way back in June, and neither player had any idea that they had just set a record.

In the video, Toonah explains that, for them, it had just been another warm-up match ahead of a tournament.

“We got 40 kills and we’re like ‘nah whatever, that’s probably not the record,’ and that was in June,” he explained. “Yesterday, our buddies were like ‘yo what’s your best kills,’ and we’re like ‘we got 40 in a Duo Squad one time,’ and they’re like ‘bro, 39’s the record.” So I went and got the gameplay, and here we are.”


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Regardless of when they achieved this feat, they are the only ones in the world who can legitimately prove that they’ve managed to get 40 eliminations in a Duos vs Squads match on console Fortnite.

The video uploaded by Toonah, which includes the full gameplay of the match, can be viewed below:

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