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SypherPK has insane theory about Fortnite weapons and shields

Published: 12/Jan/2020 19:20

by Eli Becht


Twitch streamer Ali ‘SypherPK’ Hassan has an interesting theory about how the weapons and shields work in Fortnite.

With Fortnite being so popular, it’s not too outlandish to think that Epic Games could be working behind the scenes to make things a bit more manageable for new players.

The battle royale is coming up to its third birthday later in 2020, and there are still new players coming in daily. Obviously, those fans don’t stand much of a chance against the more seasoned veterans, so they could use some added bonuses if they want to hang around with the big dogs.


Sypher has a theory about weapons and shields in Fortnite.

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SypherPK theorizes that something might be happening that gives bad players better loot, but admits this is quite the conspiracy theory.

The Fortnite streamer says he doesn’t exactly believe this himself, but players should at least be open to the potential of it going on.

“I shouldn’t say this,” he started. “Maybe entertain the idea that maybe if you’re stats are really good you have a less chance of getting better weapons and shields. I don’t think that’s the case, but like, we saw Activision patent something similar to that.”

Epic GamesDo worse players have a better chance to get Legendary weapons?

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He does explain that Activision isn’t the same company as Epic Games, but that doesn’t mean this isn’t happening.

“If they did that, it would make, you know, the majority of players happier because the majority of players don’t have good stats,” he continues. “I don’t know. That’s obviously a tinfoil hat level of conspiracy.”

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The patent Sypher refers to a 2015 filing by Activision where it’d encourage newer players to purchase microtransactions by matchmaking them into a lobby where whatever weapon or item they bought would perform well.

Activision told Kotaku that this never appeared in any game.


Epic GamesWorse player = more shields?

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It’s unlikely Fortnite actually has a system like this, but apparently things have gotten so bad for some of the top players that Sypher thinks it’s time to start questioning some of the things going on with the game.

With the onset of Chapter 2, Epic Games started to become a bit more sporadic when it comes to patch notes, so if something was implemented, it’s entirely possible it flew under the radar.

Again, this is not very likely, but if you put on your tinfoil hat and start thinking, would it be unexpected?