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SypherPK breaks down how to win 1v2 “third-party” gunfights in Fortnite

Published: 21/Sep/2018 0:30 Updated: 21/Sep/2018 0:32

by Albert Petrosyan


Getting “third-partied” while already fighting an enemy player in Fortnite can be hard to deal with, so Luminosity Gaming’s SypherPK has some tips on how to end up on top.

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The term “third-partied” refers to situations in Fortnite when two players are already engaged in a gunfight, and a third player, hidden and unbeknownst, begins to shoot at one of the two. 

This can prove difficult when both the initial and third-party opponents are shooting at you at the same time, which greatly limits your chances of survival. 

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Popular streamer SypherPK, who is known for his Fortnite instructional videos, has released a tutorial on how to survive and win gunfights when getting third-partied. 


“When there’s three people involved in a fight, you got to figure out who the weakest opponent is, and if they’re so weak that you can finish them off quickly, go for that quick finish. Or two, if you’re going against a really skilled player, and I’m talking like you know you’re against a pro player. In that situation, sometimes keeping the weak opponent alive, but keeping the weak opponent in between you and the good player, or the good player in between you and the weak opponent, is the way to go about it. Because if the good player focuses on the weak opponent, you can focus on the good player. Or if the weak opponent focuses on the good player, you can also double team the good player in that situation.”

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While that strategy seems well thought out and constructed, the questions remains of how to figure out which of the opponents are good players and which aren’t. 

Fortunately, Sypher has provided some steps on how to determine the quality of each opponent, based on picking up on certain hints.

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“So there’s little hints that you know you’re going against somebody who’s good or somebody that’s bad. You can tell by how they move, how fast they build, by how accurate they are. There’s a lot of different ways and the more you play the more you’ll understand ‘ok I’m going against a good player here.’ So when you’re able to recognize that, you have a better time prioritizing who you’re going to fight, who you’re going to shoot, and who you’re going to keep alive in a three party fight.”