Streamer discovers players can survive falls in Fortnite by grappling - Dexerto

Streamer discovers players can survive falls in Fortnite by grappling

Published: 17/Sep/2018 18:06 Updated: 17/Sep/2018 19:08

by Virginia Glaze


Reddit user and Twitch streamer Fluffyox uploaded a video that revealed an major development for Fortnite players.

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In the video, Fluffyox jumps from a structure he’d built at the game’s maximum height and shoots out a grappling hook just before hitting the ground – miraculously surviving the fall.

He went on to describe his exact methods in a Reddit post, where he had actually done the math to verify the technique.

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In the post, he states that players should aim to grapple less than 45 degrees from a horizontal surface, which will give their characters an upward trajectory and cancel out their downward momentum.


He came to this conclusion by calculating the approximate amount of tiles needed to pull off the stunt, both vertically and horizontally.

“Vertical distance contributes less to the range than horizontal distance,” he wrote. “Pure Horizontal range about 6.2 tiles, while pure vertical range is 7.2…. If you are out of range of the target surface when you fire (reticle shows a red X when fired), you can still successfully grapple if you move within range by the time the grapple reaches the max distance.”

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In essence, he stated that players can live through falls from any height in the game by grappling toward areas 3.5-4.5 tiles away and 3.5-4.5 tiles high. Of course, players should time their grapple just before they hit the ground to ensure their safety.


This trick could come in handy the next time players go for a tumble – but be sure to do the math ahead of time.