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Someone Has Recreated the ‘In My Feelings’ Challenge in Fortnite

Published: 20/Jul/2018 17:18 Updated: 15/Oct/2020 14:20

by Vincent Genova


The ‘In My Feelings’ challenge has swept social media by storm and it was only a matter of time before it was combined with Fortnite.

The challenge involves dancing to Drake’s song while making a heart sign and riding motions at a specific points in the lyrics.

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Thanks to Fortnite’s True Love and Smooth Ride emotes, the ingredients for the challenge were always there.

KEKE Do yOU loVe ME? from r/FortNiteBR

The ATK also makes an appearance, adding to the recent takes on the meme involving a car. Our guide on finding the ATK can help you out if you plan on creating your own version of the video.

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The challenge started when comedian Shiggy posted a video of himself dancing to Drake’s hit song ‘In My Feelings,’ it then took off and inspired all kinds of celebrities and internet personalities to perform their own versions of the dance.

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It is not a surprise to see the biggest game in the world in Fortnite make an appearance in popular social media trends.

The dancing emotes are a major factor in the game’s success, and in creating viral videos, however not everyone is happy at their inclusion.

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Chance the Rapper hit out at Epic Games for including dances based off of real life hip hop artists, without paying for their rights. The dances themselves can not be monetized, but Chance wants to see them pay for the real songs to accompany the dancing.

The ‘In My Feelings’ Challenge in Fortnite did not involve any dance moves inspired by Drake.