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Shroud reveals the Fortnite feature that he dislikes the most

Published: 11/Oct/2018 12:21 Updated: 11/Oct/2018 12:40

by Matt Porter


Popular streamer Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek has revealed that he isn’t a fan of one of Fortnite’s major elements, materials.

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Shroud says that, while building is great and an integral part of the game, he isn’t a fan of how players acquire the materials they need in order to do that building work.

“It requires so much bullshit of farming materials to know you’re safe and secure,” stated the Canadian. “That’s where it kind of throws me off. Like, I don’t want to sit there and farm max materials. That shouldn’t be a feature.”


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Shroud thinks that players should start with maximum materials instead of having to acquire them. The former CS:GO pro told his audience: “Give me max materials, I can work with that,” when discussing how he would change things.

While shroud isn’t a fan of the farming element of Fortnite, he says he still loves the game due to its skill gap. “What I love about this game is that if you’re good, you can outskill people. It’s awesome, I love that,” continued Grzesiek.

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The streamer also believes that the element of being able to “outskill” people on Fortnite isn’t present in other battle royale titles, saying: “Your skill literally carries you in Fortnite. Not like most games, in PUBG your skill doesn’t carry you. Blackout, your skill doesn’t even carry you, to be honest.”


Shroud also says that he’s excited to play Blackout, which is included in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 and releases worldwide on Friday, October 12.