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Shroud explains why Fortnite Battle Royale has “spoiled” every other game

Published: 11/May/2019 11:07 Updated: 11/May/2019 11:26

by Connor Bennett


Popular Fortnite Battle Royale has ‘spoiled’ gamers who want other titles to match the standard created by Epic Games.

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Since taking over the Battle Royale market, Epic Games have kept their popular title fresh with regular updates and seasonal content that keeps players coming back for more each and every day.

While the updates aren’t always the most popular with some fans, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive professional chatted with his viewers and tried to see what they wanted. While he explained that he was thinking about checking out Fortnite Season 9, he wasn’t too sure.

That sparked a conversation with his viewers about how the game has dominated the market – with shroud explaining that the constant updates and unique content are what keeps fans pouring in, even if the game is a tough title to play from a competitive point of view as you don’t what’s coming next.


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Yet, shroud’s breakdown of the cartoonish battle royale wasn’t finished there. The former Cloud9 man explained that those changes to keep the game fresh has ‘spoiled’ fans and players alike who want the gaming industry as a whole to follow suit.

He explains that players have been “spoiled”, and if it wasn’t for Epic’s builder-shooter, gamers would be enjoying other games “so much more”. He goes on to say: “this kind of game, with this kind of updates, this many things can happen on a week-to-week basis – everyone in their mind is like ‘oh shit dude, I want this game to be like that,’ but its just not possible. It’s just not.”


Will anyone surpass Fortnite Battle Royale?

Unless something drastic changes, Epic Games are probably going to be ahead of the battle royale curve for the foreseeable future after seeing off other games like PUBG and Apex Legends – despite those titles having their moment in the spotlight.

Plenty of games pop up and try to take the mantle of the next best thing, but as shroud explained, none of them are yet to match Epic’s effort in retaining and expanding an ever-growing player base.