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Over 30 new Fortnite fish types could be coming in Season 3

Published: 7/Aug/2020 7:38

by Andrew Amos


Over 30 new fish have been found in Fortnite’s game files, indicating that the mechanic is getting a major overhaul in Season 3. On top of the new species, a new Fishing String item has been uncovered, and new achievements pertaining to fishing.

Fishing could be getting totally overhauled in Fortnite in Season 3. While the mechanic has been in the game since the start of Chapter 2, it’s kind of stagnated in the last couple of months.

With no new fish infiltrating the ocean, despite the map being flooded at the start of Season 3, there’s no real appeal to throwing out a line ⁠— or a harpoon. However, that could change in just a few weeks.


Fortnite dataminers have discovered over 30 new types of fish deep in the game’s files. They include new variations of Floppers, Slurpfish, and Small Fries, as well as other fish yet to be added in any capacity.

This includes some jellyfish-like creatures and pufferfish, which could soon be washing up on the shores of Fortnite. Some of the fish will also spawn in different areas of the map, much like real life.

There’s a lot of new fish there, so it could just be that some are reskins with no real purpose other than being a different color. However, dataminer HYPEX pointed out some new statistics for healing, duration, and radius that could indicate each individual fish will do something different.


There’s also a new fishing rod titled “Fishing String” in the files that players can use to catch their feed. New achievements and stats are also on the way, showcasing that Epic is committed to making fishing more enjoyable in Season 4, if not Season 3.

The increased variety is sure to please a lot of players. It adds a bit more value to fishing than just casting a line and farming Floppers. You could snatch a game-changing catch with one of these new specimens coming soon.

There’s no indication on when such a change will land. Just because it’s in the game files after Patch v13.40 doesn’t mean it’ll come on v13.50. Sometimes it takes Epic weeks, months, or even seasons to add new content. Just look at the release of cars recently.


One thing is for sure though. Fishing in Fortnite is about to get a whole lot more interesting.