OpTic's CouRage Hilariously Tries to Escape the Storm in Fortnite Using the New Shopping Carts but Things Don't Go as Planned - Dexerto

OpTic’s CouRage Hilariously Tries to Escape the Storm in Fortnite Using the New Shopping Carts but Things Don’t Go as Planned

Published: 31/May/2018 2:23 Updated: 14/Oct/2020 14:30

by Albert Petrosyan


While it is true that “being lucky is better than being good,” there is nothing worse than being unlucky, especially in the world of Fortnite: Battle Royale.

Occasionally, even the best of Fortnite players can find themselves stung by relentless bad luck, which can sometimes lead to hilarious situations.

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Such is the case for OpTic Gaming content creator Jack ‘CouRage’ Dunlop, whose Twitch streams primarily focus around the popular Battle Royale title.

Despite being an avid fan of Fortnite, and a decent player at that, he tends to find himself on the wrong side of unfortunate situations, often with comical results.


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CouRage was streaming Fortnite earlier on May 30th when he found himself in a difficult in-game situation – he was stuck in the Storm, which was inflicting heavy damage because the match was in its final stages.

He realized that his only chance of surviving was to use one of the new, interactive Shopping Carts to drive himself out and into safety.

While initially he made it out with barely any health points left, when he tried to position a Jump Pad, he accidentally began steering the Shopping Cart again, rolling straight back into the Storm, which ate up the little health he had left and eliminated him.


Stunned, he tweeted out the clip of the entire sequence and his subsequent reaction, with a sarcastic caption that pretty much summed everything up.

“Everyone is posting their cool Shopping Cart clips from the new Fortnite update… Here is mine.’

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His crazy reaction after getting eliminated is both hilarious and appropriate for someone who had just died in-game the way he did.

While most players will likely have fond memories of their first experience with the new Shopping Carts in Fortnite, CouRage will always have this debacle to look back on.