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Ninja wipes out six enemies in Fortnite while having just 4 HP and no materials

Published: 15/Sep/2018 2:07 Updated: 15/Sep/2018 2:09

by Albert Petrosyan


In case anyone has forgotten how good Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins is at Fortnite Battle Royale, the popular streamer has offered a stern reminder.

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Playing Fortnite with some of his fellow streamers as usual, Ninja and his team ventured into the new structure in Tilted Towers, only to be met by several enemy teams also happened to be there. 

The initial series of gunfights got Ninja down to just four health points, putting him in a very difficult situation.

Refusing to back down, the Fortnite extraordinaire turned on his clutch switch and pulled off, what would seemingly be, an impossible task.


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Using a perfect combination of patience, finesse, and gun-skill, Ninja was amazingly able to manage his way through six individual gunfights, and mow down the helpless enemies as they threw themselves at the popular streamer.

It’s hard to pick out what the most impressive thing about the killing spree was, but it may very well be the fact that he had only four health the entire time, meaning he would have been knocked if any of his opponents had gotten just one more bullet on him.

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While plays like this are what have helped make him the biggest name in Fortnite, Ninja is not afraid to try his had in other battle royale games as well, including Call of Duty’s new Blackout BR mode

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In fact, the streamer announced on September 14 that he has been picked to be one of the four team captains for a special Blackout competition to be played during Twitchcon at the end of October. 

It will be worth watching the event to see whether Ninja can duplicate his Fortnite wizardry in the new world of Blackout.