Ninja Uses New Grappler To Pull Off Incredible 'Spider-Man' Play in Fortnite - Dexerto

Ninja Uses New Grappler To Pull Off Incredible ‘Spider-Man’ Play in Fortnite

Published: 8/Sep/2018 2:58 Updated: 8/Sep/2018 14:29

by Albert Petrosyan


The new Grappler item is quickly becoming a favorite for many within the Fortnite community since it was recently added via the v5.40 Update. 

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One player who seems to be enjoying using the Grappler a lot is popular Twitch streamer Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins, who has seemingly already mastered the item.

The Fortnite extraordinaire displayed his mastery by using the item to relentlessly chase down and eliminate an enemy player in Fortnite and secure yet another Victory Royale.

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The control Ninja maintains of the Grappler throughout the sequence is rather impressive as he manages to pull off five consecutive grapples without touching the ground.


Once he got close enough to the enemy player, almost everyone knew what was going to happen, as it then simply became a case of Ninja outgunning his opponents, which he usually always does. 

The player ended up being Ninja’s final opponent in that match, which made the Victory Royale the icing on the cake.

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Many, like Ninja, are using the new Grappler to pull of impressive eliminations, dashing and daring escapes from tight situations, or even to freely swing across the Fortnite map. 

Coincidentally (or not), the Grappler was added in Fortnite less than a day before the highly anticipated Spider-Man video game was set to be released, which has led many to compare the new item’s mechanics to that of the Marvel superhero in-game.


Even Ninja used the caption “New Spiderman game is SICK” when posting the clip above on Twitter.