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Ninja reveals why he doesn’t see himself competing at Fortnite’s highest levels

Published: 7/Oct/2018 18:42 Updated: 7/Oct/2018 19:18

by Virginia Glaze


One of Fortnite’s top streamers, Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins, has revealed to his audience that he doesn’t see himself competing with the game’s top percentage of players.

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His reasoning for this assessment is due in part to his hectic schedule, which he feels doesn’t give him enough time to focus on legitimate practice.

“I put out way too much content to focus on competitive gaming, man,” he admitted. “I would have to cut my stream hours in half and practice twice as much as I normally do.”

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He likewise expressed a concern that he would have to spend more time away from his wife and family – an issue that has already garnered the streamer ample criticism.


“I would spend so much time traveling to events and spending time away from my wife and my family, when I already have so many activities and events that I’m going to be doing for sponsors and partners,” he added.

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Ninja also knows the toll that constant travel would take on his viewership. 

The streamer lost over 40,000 subscribers on his Twitch channel after taking a two-day, during which he participated in Epic Games’ celebrity-streamer Pro Am.

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While this massive blow wasn’t career-ending, it obviously made a deep impression, as he doesn’t seem willing to risk a potential series of subscriber losses due to competing.


“As viewers, you don’t want me to do it,” he stated. “You guys may think you want me to go and compete. You don’t.”

Ninja continues to top the Twitch charts, currently sitting at over 11 million followers and over 64,000 subscribers.