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Ninja faces backlash for promoting his own Support-a-Creator Fortnite code

Published: 17/Oct/2018 1:25 Updated: 17/Oct/2018 2:24

by Albert Petrosyan


Many in the online gaming community have not taken too well to Twitch superstar Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins promoting his own Fortnite Support-a-Creator code.

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Support-a-Creator is an Epic Games sponsored program that gives qualified Fortnite content creators a code that will allow their supporters to contribute a small amount of revenue each time they purchase or earn V-Bucks. 

Naturally, someone of Ninja’s enormous presence was given a code, which the popular streamer was more than happy to share to his supporters live on stream.

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“Support a Creator is live! You guys can support me by going into the Item Shop tab, Click on the Support a creator at the bottom right of the screen, Type in Ninja and BOOM,” he explained. “Thank you all so much for following me throughout this incredible Fortnite Journey!”


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Almost immediately, many took to social media to attack Ninja’s decision to promote his code, claiming that he shouldn’t have done so because already has a lot of money and wealth.

The backlash became so heavy and constant, that the streamer had enough and posted a followup tweet explaining himself and his position.

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“Per my last tweet, it was mainly about letting you all know you can support a creator,” he posted. “Obviously if you choose me that’s great! But absolutely support other creators for any reason that you may want to and stop being rude towards me for spreading awareness. Thanks.”


Despite the backlash and negative feedback, Ninja will likely stand to make a considerable amount of money via this Support-a-Creator program.

At the end of the day, the program was created for supporters to support their favorite content creators, so the ultimate decision of whose code to use belongs to the fans and players.