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Fortnite: NICKMERCS left speechless after hysterical BRUTE mech misplay

Published: 12/Aug/2019 12:45 Updated: 12/Aug/2019 13:03

by Matt Porter


BRUTE mechs are one of the least popular additions in Season 10, and immediately became a controversial topic of discussion among fans, with many berating Epic Games for adding them – including NICKMERCS himself.

The streamer has since decided to try them out for himself, and while many believe that the rocket launchers and shotguns that the vehicles come equipped with make it too easy to find Victory Royales, the 28-year-old proved to his audience that they are a lot more difficult to control than he imagined.

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Epic GamesBRUTES were not a popular addition to Fortnite.

While wreaking havoc on the Fortnite map during his August 11 stream, NICKMERCS found himself in a last man standing scenario, with him and an opponent both vying for the win.


With the Twitch streamer standing tall in the BRUTE, it seemed as if it was only a matter of time until he picked off his mech-less enemy and secured the victory thanks to the mechanical monstrosity that he was housed in.

Finally, his final foe leapt up onto the top of the building he was on, giving the FaZe Clan star the signal to prepare his rockets for a barrage of artillery to rain down on his opponent. Unfortunately for him though, he misjudged how powerful his attack would be, sending his enemy through the floor with the first rocket, only for the rest to destroy his BRUTE and cost him the game.


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NICKMERCS didn’t know how to react to his hilarious error, smirking into the camera in silence, before exiting the game and pretending that nothing had ever happened!

While Epic Games continue to monitor the strength of the BRUTES, the FaZe Clan star will likely hope they get a nerf not so that opponents can’t deal as much damage to him, but rather so he doesn’t eliminate himself the next time he is seconds away from a win.