New 'snaking' technique in Fortnite shown by Tfue and NickEh30 makes it impossible to be shot - Dexerto

New ‘snaking’ technique in Fortnite shown by Tfue and NickEh30 makes it impossible to be shot

Published: 20/Sep/2018 16:31

by Calum Patterson


A building exploit in Fortnite that allows players to completely avoid being shot while moving has been discovered and shown by streamers Tfue and NickEh30.

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The technique called ‘snaking’ involved building through a basic wall structure, which looks as though it is unintended, but has seemingly gone unnoticed by Epic Games for some time now.

As Tfue shows, by approaching the central area of the wall he is able to place more walls on the other side – without exposing any part of his character to incoming fire.

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The exploit is doable with any material, not just brick, so metal and wood can also be used to the same effect.


Again, it is not clear whether this is an intentional feature or not, as it possible to build through other structures such as pyramids.

As YouTuber and streamer NickEh30 shows, there are numerous ways to build using this ‘snaking’ technique, in order to completely protect yourself from being shot at.

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NickEh30 explains that these are fairly “advanced” manoeuvres, and so for a new player it is probably best to just stick the the basics, to avoid being potentially fatal errors.

However, once you are a skilled builder, these tips could come in incredibly useful, especially when in a hurry to escape the storm but also avoid being shot in the process, or if an enemy has a positional advantage on you.


As for the exploit which Tfue shows, it has been known about for almost a month, and is yet to be addressed by Epic. This either means that it is intended, or it simply hasn’t come to their attention yet.