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New info leaked about the Gifting System coming soon to Fortnite

Published: 22/Nov/2018 4:01 Updated: 22/Nov/2018 4:06

by Albert Petrosyan


The long awaited gifting system in Fortnite Battle Royale may soon finally be added to the game, months after initially being announced.

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Fortnite news and leaks outlet FNBR.NEWS has reportedly received information from an anonymous source that claims to have insider knowledge about the upcoming gifting system. 

According to the leak, development of the system is nearly done and should be added to the game sometime around Season 7, which is expected to launch within the first week of December. 

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While no conclusive details have been officially revealed about gifting, the insider claims that it will allow players to use V-Bucks to purchase in-game content from the Item Shop and send them to friends.


Before players can send gifts however, they’ll have to first enable Two-Factor Authentication and reach level two or higher in-game, which is likely to prevent bot accounts. 

Players who want to gift items must first enable Two-Factor Authorization on their EPIC account.

The gifting system will apparently be limited to only the cosmetic items that are in the Item Shop at that exact time, meaning that players will not be able to gift items from past shops.

Here is the full list of things that players will NOT be able to gift:

  • Battle Passes
  • V-bucks
  • Real money offers
  • Items that are not currently in the item shop
  • Items that are already in your locker
  • Some store items, including Battle Pass Tier Bundles

Furthermore, gifting will be restricted to the Playstation 4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch, and Android platforms, with Apple’s iOS notably missing out from that list.


It’s unclear as to why iOS players will not be able to gift items, or whether the feature will be enabled for the platform sometime in the future. 

There will also be a series of restrictions in place for those trying to use the gifting feature, including a limit to how many gifts can be sent within 24 hours, not being able to send items to players that already have the item in their inventory, and a two week friendship requirement on EPIC – meaning players who want to gift each other must be EPIC friends for at least two weeks prior. 


All that being said, the entirety of this information should be taken with a grain of salt and treated as speculation, since nothing is official until announced or confirmed by Epic Games.

Players will not be able to gift V-Bucks directly, but will be able to use them to purchase items for gifting.

Source – FNBR.NEWS